My First Solo Book

While I was away I spent time putting together a new book, Growls Of A Wolf. It’s my first solo book and it’s structured like Howls From The Wolfpack, except where that book was broken up by author I have 6 sections. The Introduction, Poetry, A Short Story, and 3 sections of essays.

The first is Observations, which is filled with my thoughts on society and people and how they act. Kinda sociological with a bit of philosophy.

Then its followed by the Politics section, where I start exposing the motivations of the politicians, how to pick them, and question why we even need a federal government. Then looking at a few key issues in the political sphere these days.

The final part is named after the blog Ronin’s Journey, and has lessons I’ve learned along the way.

It now totals 125 pages or as thick as Thorin’s book The Wolf In Wolf’s Clothing, and the same size as Howls. I emailed the manuscript to some friends to proof and I’ll begin drawing some pictures for it and making the cover. My goal is to get it out ASAP since I think it would help people make a choice in this election cycle.

Want to help? Buy a copy of Howls From The Wolfpack, so I can roll the profits over into paying for the CreateSpace fees to publish the new book.


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