Another Year Done, Another Year Come

The year the world ends…at least according to those who think the Mayan Calendar pins the last day in December. SO, how do I fill it?

With another book…Growls From A Wolf. And as far as this site is concerned, its an election year, so the politics will be a big part of it. Along with the ever-present fitness updates. Fridays will still feature the Breakdown series where I examine the Constitution.

My only New Year’s resolution is to not die. Number one priority right there ;).

I hate resolutions really. I don’t need a date to set a goal, if its worth doing then its worth starting that minute. Just saying.

“I’ll start on this date” is an excuse, and excuses are the vises of the weak.

What’s 2012 have in store for you?


4 thoughts on “Another Year Done, Another Year Come

  1. ” if its worth doing then its worth starting that minute”

    Exactly! If I have a good idea or get inspired to do something in July…why would I need/want to wait until Jan 1st to implement it?

    I have no idea what the coming year has in store around here. For the 1st time in a long time I’m in between projects and really don’t know what to do with myself…and there’s no way could I set a *goal* of doing or accomplishing something so long as I don’t know exactly WTF I’m doing or where I want to go lol.


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