They’re Taking Our Rights!

Normally on Fridays  I break down the Constitution but since we’re beginning a new section and I’m taking the rest of the year off, I’m going a different route. In between the running around to our scattered family, I’ll begin to put together my first solo book, Growls From A Wolf.

To the new subscribers, thanks for subscribing. To keep up with me there is my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate and see you on January 2. Now on to today’s post.


I hear this phrase a lot…

They’re taking our rights!

Are they?

I question that because this isn’t a police state yet, though we have one foot in the door. Until they execute you on the spot or toss you in a “re-education camp”, they’re not taking our rights away.

No, actually its much worse.

We’re giving our Rights away!


Continued in Growls Of A Wolf


2 thoughts on “They’re Taking Our Rights!

  1. Excellent post. I have this conversation with people constantly. Example when the swine flu vaccine came out a few years ago and they were forcing it on health care workers, I was furious. My friends didn’t get it. They said you aren’t in healthcare why do you care, and its just a vaccine they should take it to protect their patients.

    That is total BS and a violation of their rights in my opinion. Nothing less than forced medicine. If we allow them to force vaccinations upon health care workers and do not bother standing up for their rights we certainly can’t complain when its forced on the entire population later.

    They don’t see the big picture. It does not matter how you feel about the vaccine, its not a vaccination question it is a question of rights. It doesn’t matter to me where I stand on a particular issue individual rights trump the issue every time. If we lose our rights, all is lost.


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