Something To Read Over Christmas or Any Day

Thanks to those who bought the book Howls From The Wolfpack, 67 sold (not counting what I bought) we got enough money to use CreateSpace’s Kindle Conversion.

Now the Kindle version doesn’t have the exact formatting as the paperback. However other than that, its the same book. And because we want to promote the Wolf Mentality we’re selling it for less than a dollar. And you don’t even need a e-reader. The Kindle App is free for Iphones, Ipads, and Androids. Or just download it to your computer.

If you like my writing here, you’ll like my writing in the book, its even better. I, along with the other authors show you how to unlock your inner-strength, and open your mind. And a few(including myself) apply the mentality to politics. So check out Howls for Kindle here.

Its only a .99 and you get to see the work of 19 authors, including myself. This is where a few authors got their start as published writers. Da Nekidgoat has already published his own solo book and is working on his second. I’m working on two myself but more on that tomorrow.



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