Are You A Patriot?

Are you a patriot? What makes you a patriot?

You salute the flag, pledge allegiance to the flag, thank soldiers and have a flag flying? Is that what it takes to be a patriot?

“I support my President, even if I disagree with him.”
Say wha…?
Did the Founders “support” the King even when they disagreed with his iron fist?
Continued on page 75 of Growls Of A  Wolf

2 thoughts on “Are You A Patriot?

  1. I couldn’t let this one go by without comment. I believe we are in essentially full agreement. If I may, I’d like to offer some comments on this able piece.
    Assuming I have your permission. A patriot is one who loves his country (his fellow inhabitants). One cannot pledge to a piece of cloth, rag, and even to an emblem belonging to the U.S., T4 USC 1.

    “Hell No!”, this is aptly said, Ronin! I add that these terrorist British traitors fought their oppressive rulers with ARMS as a last resort. This fact is denied by the so-called freedom movement of today who espouse non-violence at any cost. Who will say these original British traitors were wrong? Who will say the U.S. is better off being a colony under the British crown?

    I cannot agree with you more on questioning the so-called “gov’t.” and its statutes. In the U.S. (Union of the several states), the real gov’t. is the people and not mistakenly the civil officials representing the people.

    “nationalist tool”, this is aptly said. One of the grand conspiracy moves is to replace the “federalist” system of government with this notion of “nationalism”. This conspiracy is about usurpation by placing the federal gov’t. in Washington, D.C. as the central and general gov’t. over the states and its people. Instead the constitutional gov’t. is the seat of gov’t for the confederation to reside in D.C. while the states are sovereign (through the people) and act in the interest of the people.

    Agreed, the real patriot will hold his civil servants accountable and make them all adhere to their respective oaths of office. The people (patriots) will force unconstitutional measures as void. Patriotism is anything but blind following but questioning subversion of indiv. and inalienable rights.

    I personally give no allegiance to anything but my Creator. I cannot divide my allegiance.

    Again I cannot agree more with Ronin, the right to keep and bear is inalienable and necessary for a free state if in fact we are to have one.

    My favorite modern patriot is one 2Lt. Ehren K. Watada, U.S.A., who refused to deploy to Iraq 2006 based on public int’l. law, Nuremberg Doctrine, fed. Constitution, oath, and domestic law. All U.S. servicemen take an oath to support and defend the Constitution & must disobey an unlawful order. Many mistakenly believe they are obliged to follow the sitting cmdr.-in-cheat. That simply is not in their oaths. Agreed the oath takers org. is a great beginning, if truly implemented.

    I believe a true patriot will cause a thorough, proper, apolitical, unbiased, full criminal investigation of the events surrounding the incident 9/11. Here we are 10yrs. later & the world still don’t know the real perpetrators. If you go along with the official version, you need have your sanity examined by a professional.

    I consider myself a patriot, though not the greatest one. Inter alia, I’ve chosen to participate in the “Occupy Movement” as a means to revolution against the shadow ruling elite.

    Do you think the Latino emerging power will go unused to bring about positive change?


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