Wasting Your Vote

Well Cainiacs, now what? Who are you going to support now? Here’s another question.
If who you’re supporting doesn’t get passed the primary will you back the Establishment pick? Say you back Michelle Bachmann but Mitt Romney wins. But you despise him as much as the President.
Do you vote Romney?
I’m not. It’s either Paul, Johnson or the Libertarian candidate(if I like him or her). I’ll write them in.
“Your throwing your vote away.”
Continued on page 95 of Growls Of A  Wolf

2 thoughts on “Wasting Your Vote

  1. couldn’t agree more. It’s Ron Paul for me or nothing. I like Gary Johnson but feel more confident with Ron Paul. i am only voting for who i support, no more voting based on “i don’t want so/so to win, so im going to vote this guy”. Im not voting “tactics” anymore. I am either going to vote for who i believe in, or im not voting!


  2. Agreed, as far as who I vote for, honestly I think everyone of them is agenda driven. Why is it that elected office at the State or Federal level requires you to be at least a multimillionaire if not a billionaire to play the game and even have a chance? How do these people have a clue what someone like me needs, wants, or desires from my government?

    Why is it that only the current 2 parties voices are heard in the debates? Who dictates that they are the only “viable” choices? I wonder how many people who are for one party of the even know that at one point in history they were one in the same. Or the fact that our first POTUS had no party affiliation at all!

    This whole system is just a farce! President Obama said it best.. Time for a Change.. just not how he envisioned it…


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