The Test Results Are In: Stronger, With Room To Grow

Did my assessment, now lets see where all that work got me.

Fitness Progress Report:
Functional: Increases across the board.

  • 11 more pushups than before, a total of 31. Not to my goal, but closer.
  • 31 more squats(below parallel). 61. Goal accomplished.
  • 5 more dive bombers. Total of 19. Goal accomplished.
  • 30 seconds longer holding pushup position(plank) than 6 weeks back. 90 seconds. 31 short of my goal.


Either way, I’m stronger. Go Kettlebells! With some calisthenics for spice. The interesting part is the size gains in the 6 weeks. With workouts that last around 15 minutes.

Body Composition

I added 1/4 inch to my chest, and 3/4 inch to shoulders. I lost a  1/2 inch to my waist, thighs, and 1/4 inch off neck and forearms. Biceps and calves remained the same.

Lost 1.87lbs of body fat or down to 12.17%.

How I got there

Exercise is only part of it, diet is most of it. And I average 158 grams of protein a day or 30% of my diet. My carbohydrate intake is 98.5 grams average or 19%. Now for those who follow conventional wisdom this next stat will get your attention…117.9 grams of fat a day. That’s 51% of my diet!

And I only weigh 141.4 lbs. That’s from eating Primal. For more on primal go here.

Now lets see where I’m at in 6 weeks doing the RKC Rite of Passage of Cleans, Presses, Swings and Snatches with my kettlebell. A full time diet of iron should be astounding.

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