A Subjective Issue…

Abortion is an incredibly subjective issue depending on if you view life at conception or a certain stage of development. I go with if your willing to have sex, then be prepared to bear the results. Cause and effect. Don’t take it out on a life that could have been or is.

This is one issue I struggle with my opinion on.

I see life starting at conception due to the fact a baby can’t spontaneously grow from just and egg or sperm. And I have a low opinion of someone unless they have a damn good reason for getting the abortion.

Now as far as making it a law against it. I 100% support a ban on late-term abortion. Baby can survive outside the womb.

Then there’s the fact I don’t like laws that limit choice. I’m for drug legalization (let the morons overdose for all I care). Its a small paradox for me.



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