What the Media isn’t telling you about the GOP Primary

Gary Johnson

Ever hear of Gary Johnson? Former New Mexico Governor? He’s running for President, but you wouldn’t know it by watching the debates, and looking at the polls. He’s not even included.

In the essay Who Is Your Master/Bow to  None in the book Howls From The Wolfpack I outlined the various forms of control, and one is by the media. A producer or editor decide what’s going to be printed or shown.

I do it here, you only read what I want to write about. The difference is thousands don’t  depend on me for information. It’d be nice but no. Watch a debate, they focus only a few on the stage. Same with straw polls, ever hear of Ron Paul? You probably have because he’s persistent, this is the third time he’s ran.

Its sad when a comedian exposes the fact of bias. The media is the shepherd that is leading you to the voting booth like sheep. And every week there’s a new flavor of the week with the mantra-like…

Mitt Romney is still the front runner.


Mitt Romney will be the Republican candidate.

Is this preordained? First flavor was Herman Cain, then Michelle Bachmann, then Rick Perry, then Cain again, now its Newt Gingrich. Don’t be a sheep, accepting the info from the TV and papers. Question! Be the black sheep of the flock! Then fact check the answers you get, and enter a voting booth a wolf, not swayed by the political media. Unafraid and informed, vote for your principles, not the pick of the latest poll.

I’ll say this, my pick for President is Gary Johnson with Ron Paul as my second. The Libertarians haven’t offered anyone up yet, so if neither one of these guys make it to the general election, and I don’t like the Libertarian candidate, I’ll write in Gary Johnson.

I will not sell out my principles out of fear of an Obama second term.

Big Government is the cancer. Status quo is the symptom. Your vote is the chemotherapy. Third parties can win, it wasn’t always the Republicans and Democrats. They used to be one party. Remember the Whigs and Federalists? They were the predominant  party that faced off against the Democrat-Republicans. Think about that.

Presidential Contenders according to Ronin here

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