Giving Hunters a Bad Name

I heard a disturbing story about bullies in the deer woods. Seems that on public land (where I hunt ) a few hunters are getting territorial. They’re intimidating other hunters out of the area. And the link is down so I can’t reference it.

Buckle up, I’m about to get preachy.

First. Public land is kept up with tax dollars, so its open to everyone. It’s also first come, first serve. There is a corner of the Quachita National Forest that my family has hunted in for 14 years. I killed my first deer there, nice 8pt with a 14 inch spread. And we do have a nice camping spot we keep cleaned up and our favorite spots.

This year and the past three years, there have been more hunters coming into the area. My theory is they can’t afford to join a lease. And a few times someone gets to our normal spot and hunt the areas we’re most familiar.

Is it annoying when we don’t get our traditional spot?

Yeah. But we  don’t own it, privately. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. So don’t whine and threaten others, veiled or unveiled. Society (wrongly) judges the actions of a few and place the same stamp on a group as a whole. Right now most of the non-hunters are neutral on hunters as a whole, and you assholes aren’t helping. They remember crap like this and don’t see stuff like Hunters Feeding the Hungry.

Just grow a pair, hunt deeper into the woods, and who knows? You may kill a record buck that was pushed deeper  in by the hunting pressure.


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