Why Ronin?


Since the book came out I am asked, usually by family, why the other name…Ronin? To me, its more of a adjective of who or what I am now. In history ronin were samurai who’s shogun or master had died. Now masterless…independent and self-reliant.

In the beginning I picked it as a name and as a goal. Look at the beliefs I was brought up with and take what fits and discard the rest. From that I became my own man, self-directed that will not acknowledge anyone else as master. Equals at the most, but no one has any more value than me. We’re all human after all. By doing this I’m free to forge my own code, based on my principles.

I consider myself a warrior in the battle of life who bows to no man, possessing the inner-strength to face the fires of criticism, and the integrity to never sell out my principles. I view the world with an eye to both sides in search of the truth, giving a basic respect to others, until they show themselves unworthy of that respect. And I realize that only I am accountable for my actions. I will not tread upon, nor allow myself to be treaded upon, what I say, I also do. In the way I see the world I look deep below the surface, questioning everything that I find. My life is my own and the full responsibility of it is the weight I bear willingly.

I won’t change who I am or how I behave in the face of popular opinion or style, and I live by my own code, which is one of personal responsibility, freedom and letting others live their lives. I won’t hurt or take from anyone nor will I allow anyone to do that to me or mine. I am only responsible for myself, and my wife, and our animals, and no other. I think everyone should follow a code of personal responsibility and my response to irresponsibility is generally sharp. Even my own.

So why Ronin? Because I answer to none but myself, and will accept complete responsibility for  my actions.

Is that to much to ask for?


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