The Book of Goat; One of the Howls author’s strikes out on his own

Before there was Howls From The Wolfpack, there was MySpace when Facebook was just a blip, where Da Nekidgoat started writing. He took the best of his first poems and compiled them into The Book of Goat. This book is a short read that I finished in one night.

He has his poems broke up into 6 chapters on different themes. Beginning with…
THE NEKIDGOAT: A biographical section followed by the next one…

REVOLUTION: the poems that jumped at me in this part were “Heroes of Reality” about every day heroes, “Fear” about being scared of being yourself, “Heroes and Cowards”, “The Gates of Hell”, “Save your Own Life”. “Change the World” a poem about changing yourself before you can change the world. Baby steps. “We Can’t Afford To Wait…” closes this chapter.

INDIVIDUALITY: “Challenge Yourself”, self-describing. “Another Face in the Crowd?” “You’re Different”

LIFE: “What really matters?” about the apathy we exhibit, one of my favorites. “Why can’t we care?”

LOVE: “The Color of Love” reads like something you would whisper to a girl your dating. I like it. “Broken Vows” a sad poem of redemption from anger.

The last chapter is BROKEN. “Prejudice knows no age…” makes me want to ask the Goat about the story behind it. “Blood on the Wall” about a love lost and found, and an ending that surprised me.

These aren’t all the poems but my very favorites that stand out to me personally. The book is worth the money, and you can see from reading these and his poetry in Howls, he’s getting better with every poem.


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