Happy Birthday Ronin’s Journey!

Today marks 1 year of my blogs existence. The first post was Welcome To Ronin’s Journey and a year later here we are. Doesn’t feel like a year, and what a busy year it was. Book release and a wedding later, along with 249 posts with a range of 32 categories. 314 shares too, though granted most of those are mine. As of this writing all-time views are 7,062. And 11 subscribers.

Top 5 Posts

Breakdown of The Declaration of Independence

Guns Save Lives; What The Anti-Gunners Won’t Tell You

Indiana Supreme Court Decides that Police Don’t Need Warrants

Freedom Brings Responsibility; WBC’s Hypocrisy

When Is War Justified?

Top 5 Referrers


Wicked Jester

U.S Concealed Carry

Mark’s Daily Apple


Diverse group, and posts. And I’ll keep posting about everything, and the best of them will go into my upcoming books, “Growls Of A Wolf” and “Breakdown; The Breakdown and Erosion of the Founding Documents”


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