Primal Reboot=Stronger, Faster and Leaner

With the chaos of the book and wedding I stopped focusing on my health and fitness with the Primal Blueprint. I was primalish, my 80/20 went to 60/40 to 50/50 at times. And I got a slight shock when I stepped back on a scale. 150 pounds. Which isn’t bad, except it came in the form of an extra layer of fat around my middle. Not the muscle I had been working towards.

So I cut the sweets, grains and simple carbs out. Upped the fat, protein and dropped the carbs to a maximum of 125 grams. The fats are not from grains, the only plant based fat I use is coconut oil or olive oil. It’s that, lard or nothing. Protein I upped to an average of a gram per pound of lean body mass. And the change to complex carbs are usually in the form of vegetables, some of my favorites are onions, garlic, peppers, and cauliflower. I’ll eat broccoli if it’s steamed well. Also I learned a stir-fry is much better than a salad to me for getting my vegetables, only with no pasta, and more meat and fat.

Along with this I did a fitness assessment to see how in shape I was in. Wasn’t pretty, noticeably weaker. So I went back to my body weight exercises and picked up my kettlebells and will alternate the two. For the kettlebells I’ll use my 30lb and work out to the point of failure to shock the Central Nervous System and get the appropriate chemical reactions rolling to gain mass along with strength. Sucks being a hard gainer. The workout schedule is as follows.

Turkish Get-Ups, work out abs, quads, calves, shoulders. 5 minutes perfect form.

Then the next two I’ll do like this. Going to do 5-6 fast with a 1-2 second rest between reps, good form, rest 5-10 sec, then try one more until failure is reached.

One-arm KB Floor press, work out chest, triceps.

Bottoms-up clean from the Hang position(same as above) Exercises forearms.

Kettlebell swings (any) workout the lower body for as long as I can up to 12 minutes.

Wednesday is calisthenics.
50 Knee Push ups
50 Squats
15 Divebombers
90 second Forearm/Knee Plank
45 second Side/Knee Plank

Sets and reps same as Mondays

KB Snatches works hamstrings, lower back, traps, calves.

One-arm KB row works lats & biceps

One-Arm overhead kettlebell squats works quadriceps, calves, shoulders, glutes.

One-arm KB Military press works shoulders, triceps.

I’ll adjust as necessary. All of these are compound lifts and two full body workouts a week. This should be interesting.

How do you take care of your health? Goals?


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