The 5 Love Languages; The Secret To Love That Lasts

One of the things we got as a wedding gift was a book.

“A book!?!”

Yeah, and for a bookworm like me a book is gold. And after reading it I decided to tell people about it. It was that good. We got it from Casey’s cousin, Kassi and her husband Craig.

The title is “The 5 Love Languages” and it’s a relatively short book, only 201 pages by Gary Chapman. In it he writes about 5 common ways that people show love for a spouse and how some feel loved by their spouse. Some only feel loved in one primary way, others more. The “languages” are:
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Acts of Service
Physical Touch (more than that, I know where your minds just went)

For example I feel most loved spending time just me and Casey. Whereas in her case, she feels most loved when I spend time with her and/or do things for her (Acts of Service).

I’ve heard the advice that you have to “work at marriage” for years. And I can see it because when you first start dating it’s all new and fresh because you’re getting to know that person. It’s like a emotional high. After awhile the shine rubs off and you know the person and are familiar with them. That’s when you make your own adventure together.

I don’t see many marriages where you can see the love shining these days. One that I do is Swatcop’s. He’s still crazy for his wife after 20+ years. It’s admirable. And I do hate to see a relationship crumble so I’m recommending this book to you all, married or not. It doesn’t matter. Whether your having problems or you just want to explore new  territory with the one you love.

You can get it on Amazon here.  Or take the quiz to see what your love language is here.


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