Big Brother Hears You

Recently the FBI awarded a over half million dollar contract to a Virginia company. Why? To record as much Talk Radio as it can find on the Internet, and with many radio stations live streaming on the web, that’s quite a bit.
“It’s public as soon as it’s broadcasted.”
Very true, which stops the 4th Amendment argument. Still a creepy precedent. Especially in a politically ambitious bureaucrat’s hands. Now I also believe in saying what you think regardless of what people think about. If your gonna say it, stand by it unless someone points out a logical flaw in it.
It’s like I said in the poem “Bring It!”

Following my online  trail

Trying to profile my mind to no avail

Invade my zone

Taking my phone

Where, When, who

Just another monkey in this crazy zoo

Listening in on what I say

For incrimination you pray

                     Do you know what the Bill of Rights is?

These are the things for which I’ll fight

My life you don’t have to look inside

I have nothing to hide

I’ll look you bastards in the eye

Tell you “Fuck You!” with both middle fingers raised high

That’s part of a poem I wrote for Howls. I have nothing to hide and will always speak my mind. It’s a good policy, do you have the  spine for it.


WMAL Radio


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