Lake Maumelle Watershed; Where Central Planners Clash With Property Owners

I’ve been scanning tweets during the past few week about this issue that Americans For Prosperity: Arkansas has been facing off with the Pulaski County Planning and Development Committee about. I now have time to look into it myself. It is the Maumelle Watershed. And this document here is what the fuss about.

Chapter 3 is particularly chilling. Like restrictions on what to do with your property.

Section 3.3 Building Height
A. Purpose
A maximum building height is established in order to:
 protect public health and safety, and
 to mitigate the impact of development on the visual character of the watershed,
including forests and ridgelines.
B. Maximum Height
The maximum height of a building or structure shall not exceed 36 feet.

What does building height have to do with public safety? On a slope? If it falls it’ll land on their property. Visual character? Yeah it might look tacky, or not. But the landowner owns that property and pays taxes on it, so who are you to tell someone what to do with their property.

On page 21 section E they have a table on Open Space, where the Commission also tells you what you can do, or build on your property. With people fighting over abortions, or mandates to buy insurance to drug use, their is always someone telling you what to do with your property.

Here’s links to a few of the battles waged over it. A story Today’s THV covered here. And FOX 16 news covered it here. And a link to a slew of videos here.

So, what starts small grows big. Like a tumor on freedom. Could be your town, or state soon.


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