Why I think Obama is going to lose

Obama is going to lose in 2012.

And here is why I think that. Unemployment is between 9.6%(official) and 16.1%(counting those who don’t qualify for unemployment) according to the Department of Labor. America’s debt is 100% of GDP, and we’re in 4 countries fighting. Polls say Obama is under 50% approval. Though I place very little weight on what a poll says.

Though this isn’t the complete reason I think he’ll be gone. I’m looking at it from a sociological perspective.

The President, good or bad, is the public face of the country. If all is well, or all is bad, its on the President. A lot of people seem to think that the President is like a King ruling by decree.

For example, look at Bill Clinton. During his second term the budget was balanced. Oh he’s so smart! Look at George W. Bush, who tanked the balanced budget, increased big government and began the socialist bailouts. Plus the wars. He’s been compared to Hitler and called stupid. That’s what these two Presidents are known for.

So…how many can tell the make up of the Congresses at the time?

Not many can, unless they’re political junkies like me. See where I’m going with this? Its the perception.More people can tell you the bio of a president than the bios of the Senate and House leaders, both majority and minority.

For an honest assessment you have to put your biases aside, look at how the government works, who’s in charge of what, and look under the elephant and donkey masks at the politicians true faces. Then you make a informed decision.


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