The Day I Proposed

I wrote the following on September 15 2009. I thought it fitting to post about the day I proposed the day before I get married. The Genesis if you will. Tomorrow right after I get married I have a post that will launch with the vows I wrote, showing the world, the love I have for Casey. Now onto the beginning…

It started on the morning of September 6 before we left for a family reunion on her mom’s side. I asked her dad for his blessing. Later at a cookout at her grandparents after eating, riding the horse and games her dad and I went to his house to get the ring out of my bag. Casey saw us leave but didn’t know the surprise I had planned. When we got back everyone was resting in the backyard. Casey was sitting. She looked around and EVERYONE was watching, with cameras ready. She looked at me as I reached in my pocket & pulled out the ring in its box. She jumped up before I could hit a knee. I open it up, she’s crying, I’m grinning. Then she whacks me on the chest. I sign & say, “Will you marry me?” She said yes. I put the ring on her trembling hand. Then the rush of family, congratulating, hand shakes, hugs, admiring the ring. Then we go see her brother, mom, her step-dad & Nana. More happiness. I’m still a little in shock. And extremely happy. 9 days later I’m still grinning.

Yes I’m sappy I know.


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