A Note To My Newest Readers

I noticed  since Howls From The Wolfpack was released on Amazon my site traffic has increased. Thanks for stopping by and/or looking at the book. Please leave a review on Amazon, good or bad, as long as its your honest opinion. I write this because my new readers may not know why my posts have changed and why they’re not as many a week.

With getting the book published took up a lot of time and I needed my full attention on that. Along with the fact that 9 days from now I will be getting married to my girlfriend of four years. Anyone who’s put a wedding together knows that’s a whirlwind of activity. I’ll be focused on this site again after September and starting the final part of the Breakdown Series on the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. Along with my scrutinizing stare at the world of politics and society.

When enough copies of Howls is sold I’ll start the process of releasing it on Kindle this winter. Other projects is two other books in the works, one structured like Howls but a solo book, and another on an expansion of the Breakdown series.

The big event approaches where I’ll read the greatest thing I ever wrote, my wedding vows. Speaking of which, I need to stop typing and practicing signing them. Check my archives, or find me on Twitter here, and see you soon.


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