Closing Out The Weekend In Atlanta at Dragon Con

Now its Sunday, which found us at McDonalds eating, laughing at the typo on the sign. “999$ for 50 nuggets” At least I hope it was a typo. Took off back to Dragon*Con, where Swatcop and son needed to get new badges. For a short line, it took them awhile. By then the meeting time at the Food Court had passed so we took off for where SCKid saw a sword he wanted to buy. I saw a double sword held together by magnets and had a brief internal battle between buying something I’ll never use but it’s cool and practicality. Practicality won that one.

Moving through the crowds I found it a good way to practice some of the principles of Systema, relax, breath, natural body position and I flowed between the people. Evasion by moving whatever body part might be hit and when I did make contact, I moved away and let it run off like a rain drop on a sloped roof.

Back on topic, Swat found a gizmo from Dr. Who for his wife(she’s a fan). And I found a t-shirt vendor, and he had a fairy shirt(Casey loves them like I love camo and Wicked Jester), and one with a pair of wolves nuzzling. I got that for her, and noticed a gray shirt with advice from a wolf. I liked that. We moved onto another section and met this artist selling her work and she was good! Walked away with a drawing of Dean Winchester for Swat’s wife and a fairy for Casey, both signed. From there we found custom katanas (to bad I’m broke), and a booth of girls dressed up like superheroes, etc.

Finally met back up with the rest of the pack and Thorin told us about the Walk of Fame. I toured it with Thorin while Swat made a straight shot for the Boondock Saints. I noticed Alcide from True Blood and told Casey about it. Bad idea, she wanted his picture. We noted that Ernest Borgnine was across the floor and had no line and grabbed Swat who wanted to meet him. Then it was back to buy an autograph for Casey from Alcide. And the look on her face made it worth it when I got home. They had quite a few of performers I liked there. We met up in the Lounge and Thorin told us about the idea he had. Signs. Like what we saw the day before. Free _________ fill in the blank. Usually hugs, which started a contest between SCKid and Enlightened One. And EO lost, but racked up about 80+ hugs to SCKid’s 120+. This doesn’t count the guys who wanted hugs either.

Speaking of which, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and Burke, EO, Thorin went ahead. Swat, Alex and myself were a few minutes behind. I spot EO with his sign out so I approach from behind and grab him in a hug. Startled him. Very funny. What he didn’t know is that Swatcop was on the other side and grabbed him to, and stuck his tongue in his ear. Ew. But funny. Then our light went off to go inside, and Swat yelled to get everyone’s attention and startled Thorin enough that he drew back on Swat. Reflex. We went in and got settled, and it was LOUD. Lot of background noise. Swatcop and Alex dived into a deep conversation, with Burke and me listening. Not to ignore the others but I couldn’t hear them in there. Then Burke and I started discussing money management and cars. Toasted family and then had a catastrophic table failure on Swat’s end. Can’t remember if this was before or after we got a group shot with the Hard Rock sign.

From there it was back to the Con, but we had to wait on Swatcop. Forgot why. But this guy walks up wanting a hug and says everyone needs a hugs sometime because the world sucks or something. This woman who just took a picture of my Ronin shirt gave her opinion on that, pulling no punches. Thorin liked that. We made it to the Con and cruised all over with Swatcop acting like a kid along with most the others. I was going for lots of pictures. Talked quite a bit with the others, saw a guy dressed in a box, another lovestruck kid walking around with a sign saying he was looking for “the pikachu girl”. Whenever someone said anything about the WJ shirts we wore we’d tell them about the site and of course Howls From The Wolfpack. We ended the night by making plans for next year, and we’re bringing families.

All in all it was a good but chaotic weekend, with the group getting closer. And getting to see what we’re like in person, at our best and at our worst.


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