Unleash the Wolves; Saturday from Noon to Sunday Morning

Yesterday I left of with us in the food court waiting. With a lot of other people, with no room we sat/stood by the wall. I grabbed a bite while waiting and we decided to leave. On the way out we ran into Thorin. From there it was off to the Tilted Kilt. Once there the topics flew, with a surprising comment from Swatcop. He stated that I’m so humble the only thing I brag about is my fiancee(aww) but when the book came out it was like I was a proud papa. I was.

Then Thorin asked for criticism from all of us. Starting with Swat, and appeared to be surprised by the depth of it. And so it went around the table. We did this along with other subjects, I was tired so I wasn’t that talkative to anyone, along with just observing. A combination of factors. We left to grab our gear so we could check in. At the hotel we all started talking more and to hell with the deadlines and time. To get me to talk I was asked a question with the challenge of a 1-3 word answer in 10 seconds or less. A couple of adjectives used for me was mental monster and objective. Didn’t expect the first, or later being called a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Stealth wolf? After that we signed each others books and headed back to Dragon*Con.

From there Thorin took off for his room. Wandered through there until dinner. Kept a tight hold on my wallet, until Sunday at least. Noticed Swatcop’s habits of either working the point or making sure we’re all on the elevator or escalator and watching the back. Also the ability to track us down if we got separated. Met up with Thorin again. Then we walked to a pub for dinner, Thorin’s treat. There I finally wrangled the Ted Nugent story out of him, though it wasn’t what I expected. A lesson within though. He had a stack of Wicked Jester bandanas for us. And we sat for light conversation(for us). From there, it got crazier after dinner. Most put on the masks and took off for the Con. Once there we checked out a Superheroine Costume Contest that bored us to death or sleep in Swat’s case. False advertising too, since a guy dressed like Wolverine walked out. We didn’t stick around for long.

The later it is at the Con, the crazier. Some costumes were head to toe body suits, women in corsets with only pasties. A lot of people were getting pictures with various people in costumes, even me, under pressure. They were determined that I would do that, so they kept pointing out different girls. No. No. No. No. Ok. It was the Black Cat. Swat told her I was getting married soon and we posed. Then for some reason they found a Catwoman and decided to have her step on me. Ok, I’ll play. Ninjas were all over and every time Ben saw one he’d say, “Hey Ninja! I see you, your failing!” One ninja screamed “I’m only 18!” and ran away like a wuss. Some ninja.
One particular costume that caught my eye was a girl wearing a kissing booth, charging .25¢ for a kiss( saw a guy in one the next night ) and doing well as you can imagine. Another carrying a sign saying Free Hugs and that planted a seed in Thorin’s mind I’ll get into the next post. We walked around and eventually exhaustion forced us to rest. More tomorrow as Sunday wasn’t our day of rest.


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