From a 10 Year Reunion to Atlanta; The First Half Of A Great Weekend

Not the Cracker Barrel but it is most of us.

Friday’s fun for me began at 4 with my class reunion. Casey and I toured my old school and it’s changed little but the few that happened are BIG. I didn’t recognize most of the teacher’s names on the door and the security bars and cameras. Then sitting in the cafeteria and watching people walk in, and I recognized them all. Caught up with most but in this day of social networking it’s pretty easy to stay in touch. But face to face is better, and I enjoyed it all.

This was only the beginning though. Dragon*Con and WolfFest loomed, where I was getting together with 8 of the writers of Howls From The Wolfpack. Alex was waiting for me before I even got home, and as I grabbed my gear he checked in with his girlfriend. She was worried about his safety. He reminded her the same thing I did my family, I’ll be with a retired SWAT officer/Army Ranger, a Navy Veteran and an Army veteran along with an Active Duty Combat Veteran and an armed citizen. That knowledge helps our families nerves.

Then we hauled ass to Mississippi to meet Swatcop. Time flew because two people possessing the wolf mentality rarely have quiet moments together. One is usually talking and the other listening. I did check out a little in my head when I hit West Memphis’s confusion. My plan was to sleep when we changed vehicles when Swatcop met us and led us to his house. Loaded up and talked for a couple of hours till I eventually napped for maybe an hour. 9 hours on the road later (for me) we stopped at the Cracker Barrel to meet the  rest of the guys at 6am Saturday. Swatcop and I hooked up our coffee IVs and waited after being awake all or most of the night. When the group was almost complete (missing Thorin) I said little and enjoyed the looks we got from the other patrons. We talk about off the wall things and look a little scary.

From there we took off for Burke’s and the others hotel to stash our gear until our check in. We got into an elevator and this kid with a 2×4 walked up and quickly changed his mind about riding with us. Either we scared him (the popular opinion) or he thought it was crowded. They’re was 9 of us in there.  Changed and headed for the Dragon*Con. We followed the guys to the Food Court in the Mall to wait, rest and people watch and boy did they stare at us, which his odd because of the quite a few walking around in costumes. This quickly became common. Even though we stayed quiet, sleep deprivation catching up, voices lower. We went to get our badges and there is something to be said about being proactive. Alex and I could walk right in while Swatcop and son had to wait. Giving the sign for losers we walked in. Afterwords we were all set it was back to the now crowded food court to await Thorin. I’ll continue this story tomorrow for space’s sake.


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