Behind the Scenes: Opening Up Sales Channels

The Finished Masterpiece

A few weeks back I showed you the review of the book. Now I’ll show you the sales process. First I had to fill out the sales information for the Amazon page.

Book Description: What’s the book about.

BISAC Category: What’s that? I had the same question. It put books in a section according to subject. This one is Non-Fiction/Philosophy/General and enough politics to make me wish I could add that.

Author Biography: That was tough, with all the writers and write it impartially. I do have my favorites.

Then the smaller things like Book Language, Country of Publication, Search Keywords, Adult Content (Yes/No), Large Print (Yes/No).

Then the Sales Channels are set up.

List Price: The minimum I can set up is 9.80$ considering the size of the book. I set it at 10.00$ even.

CreateSpace Estore: Haven’t set it up yet.

Amazon: Up and at them, check it out here

And finally the Expanded Distribution Channel: Special order in local bookstore chains like Barnes & Noble  and their websites. Takes a few weeks to get on their sites. Part of that is…

CreateSpace Direct: It makes the book available to certified resellers like independent bookstores and book resellers at wholesale. You just have to fill out a application here to be a reseller.

And that’s the logistics of printing a book. Now getting people to buy it is a whole other level. Check it out, leave a review on, and tell your friends.


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