Behind the Scenes: Reviewing Howls From The Wolfpack

A few weeks back I showed you the set-up of the book. Now I’ll show you the review process. First you have to do the uploading the manuscript…

Interior: I uploaded the Word document and answered a series of questions and gave direction on how I want the book to look like. Fonts, justification, layout, borders, headers and footers. They then did a 25 page mock-up so I can see the design on paper. Made some minor changes, a title font, bullet characters from dots to diamonds. Then I got the full proof, all the pages. Had to move some things around, change a few grammatical errors and formatting. Approved it and now its being converted into print-ready files.

Cover: With the Cover File ready you’d think it’d be all good, except the formatting took the 228 page book to 258 pages. So definitely had to resize the spine on the cover. Uploaded and its now being converted to print ready.

Complete Setup: CreateSpace then reviewed the book to make sure it was in compliance with their Content Guidelines. And then they sent me an email telling me they’ll review it again, print one to make sure it looks right, and then send me a physical hard copy to review. When I approve it, it’ll be up for sale.

I’ll do another Behind The Scenes when I finish the next step…Getting it ready to sell.


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