Announcement: Ronin’s Journey’s Near Future

Since this blog was born 9 months ago I’ve posted 5 days a week. But for the near future, I’m going to cut down on the posting. I will post at least two times a week, continuing the “Breakdown” series on Fridays and the new one on how we’re a dictatorship now. And the occasional topics that I have to comment on like Gould, AR and Quartzite, AZ. Along with book updates.

The reason why is now I will be extraordinarily busy. 8 weeks until I’m married :mrgreen: , getting Howl’s out before September(still in the air, but closer every day), WolfFest (where me and the other Howls authors will get together) :D And a few days off for the honeymoon/recuperation from all this work :lol: Not a lot of time for steady writing, so I’ll be focusing my attention on the wedding, publishing and marketing the book  for the time being, instead of on here 5 times a week. Keep checking in, I won’t go away and remember, my subscribers are eligible to be drawn for a copy of Howl’s From The Wolfpack. And follow me if you Twitter here.

I’ll be back up to full speed ahead by October.


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