America, Not The Land of the Free Any Longer: Civil Rights

People are under the impression that one party or the other is out to get them. And I’m getting fed up with the holier than thou attitudes of both parties while they play that tune to the hilt. You want to know the truth, it’s all about power. They just disagree on who has it and will step on us to get it. That’s why I’m turning this into a series exploring how both sides want power over us.

Let’s look at their Civil Rights records. Both sides say their against discrimination. Yes well DOMA, and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell were bipartisan. Both parties supported it. Both sides voted to repeal DADT. Republicans want to ban Gay Marriage with an Amendment. Preferential treatment for one group over another is also discriminatory. That’s not equality.

Gun Rights? The Right to protect myself? Democrats do not recognize the Second Amendment, or the word “infringed”. Republicans have eroded that one also. Not as many, but neither side are paragons of virtue when it comes to gun rights.

Rights for black people? The Civil Rights Act was bipartisan. Both sides supported it, and LBJ filibustered it as a Senator until it became politically popular. Think about that before you praise him.

Free Speech? Democrats want a Fairness Doctrine, Republicans want to make it illegal to burn a flag. Both sides support Hate Speech laws, and will shout over and slander instead of debate the ideas. Everyone above puts a limit on free speech. Any law that limits what you say because you might hurt someone’s feelings or any other reason is there to control you and the ability to transfer your thoughts.

Property Rights? Two words…Income Taxes, one just wants to take less than the other. Two more words…eminent domain. Yeah its Constitutional but that doesn’t make it right. What? Was that blasphemy? We have no property rights, if you do have property you are taxed on it, like your home or car and WILL go to jail if you don’t pay for the “privilege” of keeping the fruits of your labor. The Democrats Healthcare law that requires me to buy insurance, requires me to spend the fruits of my labor on something I don’t want to or I will be fined. Both sides forcing me to buy car insurance. You’ll even be taxed when you die. We have property privileges, not rights.

As you can see, neither side wants you to be free in your speech, money or how you live your life while doing no harm to another. How did I come to this conclusion? Simple, right from the parties websites and their records. Think about it. I’ll bring you more examples soon in this series.

GOP 2008 Party Platform


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