New Arkansas Laws Going In Effect; The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Tomorrow the chains tighten in Arkansas. All the new laws kick in gear. had an article on it on Sunday that you can read here. Let’s see what a few of these laws are:

Act 811 outlaws smoking in a car with a 14 year old, primary offense, you will be stopped and forced to pay 25$. This is just another way for the state to get revenue when it is enforced. If they really were worried about young lungs they’d push the limit to 18. I think a cop is more worried about that guy swerving all over the road than you smoking.

Act 1193 makes it illegal to sell scrap metal without documentation, which will push it underground where you’ll have black market scrap just because it’s easier.

Acts 48 & 71, reimburses legislators on the cheapest travel fare and prevents them from being a lobbyist for a year after their out of the legislature.

Act 142 makes it illegal to picket 300 feet from a funeral. This was aimed at Westboro Baptist “Church”. And I don’t like it on principle. You have a right to speak on any public property. If it’s privately owned, then you can keep them off.

Act 1046 let’s cops impound your car if you don’t have insurance or sufficient coverage. I don’t like this law because you shouldn’t be required to buy car insurance. It’s a wise choice, and I would even if it wasn’t required. And before you say it’s to protect whoever you may hit, I have on word for you…Lawsuit. If someone hits you and isn’t willing to repair the damage they caused, sue them. That’s why we have a civil court system. Or Judge Judy, your choice.


3 thoughts on “New Arkansas Laws Going In Effect; The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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