Small Town Tyranny Continues; The Regimes in Gould, AR & Quartzite, AZ

Last Monday I brought the First Amendment infringement by the city councils  in Gould and Quartzite, you can read that here. It hasn’t improved. The Gould City Council refuses to repeal the unconstitutional ordinances! Instead they want to amend them. Amend it how? Well to quote this story from the Fox 16 website

Council Member Harry Hall says one ordinance should actually be written to ban groups from meeting in a city-owned community center because the city can’t afford to pay the utilities for the building.

“Get your own place. Don’t use the city,” said Hall.

Oh, so the taxpayers are not allowed to use a community center that their tax money is paying for. What the hell! Hey Harry! The Community Center is their place! Another quote from the story…

But there are still other ordinances that need answers.  For example, one is written to ban the mayor from meeting with people without council permission.

“The Mayor wants control over everything and were just not going to let him have control,” said Hall.

I wonder if Hall got permission and a script before he talked to Fox 16 or is it “do as I say, not as I do”? How is talking to your employers(the citizens of Gould) being a control freak? They still don’t get it.

Meanwhile in Quartzite

Now those officers are on leave and under investigation. A Fox11 news story here. How dare they question the authority of their King, the police chief! Its  good to see some good cops willing to stand up. I wonder if they can arrest the police chief? Tyranny can come from all angles, from an abusive and controlling spouse, to a city council, a state government or all the way up to Congress and the President.


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