Howl’s Preview: The Introduction

The book is coming along, and I want to give you a taste. Just open the door a crack. This is the book’s introduction.
_____________________________________________________________ Welcome to the Badlands
Speaking with a couple of the other writers in this book, one said he is already well known for his individuality and that put a target on his back. The other one said he likes targets and he’s polishing his bulls-eye. Makes you think, isn’t anyone who stands up and speaks their mind a target? For hate, and fear or admiration and inspiration. You have a classroom, and the teacher asks a question, do you see the whole class raise their hands? No, just a couple, the ones who will speak their mind. Easily distinguished from the rest, simply by the fact they spoke.
This book is our opportunity to speak up, and speak our minds, open our souls, take it or leave it. Different backgrounds and ages, all with the Think for yourself mentality that is the Wolf, yet still unique. Leaders of ourselves and followers of none. Unafraid to stand up when everyone else is going along to get along. This makes us targets on a bigger stage, and if you wish to challenge us on our thoughts, a few of us have websites, emails or go to and enter what Thorin calls the Badlands. Stand up to the challenge that is life. Open this book and step into a new world.


Comments, questions welcome.



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