Happy Defiance Day!

Happy Birthday America! Today you turn 235 years old. And you must be getting memory loss, because your returning to why you were forged to begin with.

“What is he talking about?”, you’re thinking.

I cannot wave a flag say Happy Independence Day and mean it. We’re not independent anymore, all men are not treated as equal, and our unalienable rights are stomped on in the name of “security” and “comfort”. The King of England did it and so does the Federal Government to this day.

The king imposed taxes on us without consent, as does the government, in the form of fees, unpopular laws, income taxes(you can’t choose not to pay) and running up a debt(that will have to be paid back later, to China who we are dependent on).

The king deprived people of trial by jury, and Presidents Lincoln, G.W Bush and Obama have lifted habeus corpus.

Our Bill of Rights(which is supposed to be unalienable) is ignored or eroded. Such as the right to free speech, we don’t have it. If you say something that hurts someone’s feelings its “hate speech”, or you threaten someone its “terroristic threatening”, or if you say something unpopular you can be “censored”, ex. Fairness Doctrine, Net Neutrality,  the Internet Killswitch they’re debating. Or the Second Amendment, it doesn’t say I need a license before I can “bear arms”. The Fourth Amendment protecting our right to privacy is no more, thanks to the Patriot Act‘s roving warrantless wiretaps and checking your library records. Or the TSA’s strip search’s, and if you refuse and try to walk out, you’re arrested. I can go on but its all archived here.

So I cannot honestly say Happy Independence Day, smile, with a spatula in one hand and a flag in another, watching fireworks. Instead, I propose that you on this day read these documents.

The Declaration Of Independence

The United States Constitution

The Bill of Rights

Read, think on them, and how far we are from the independence and freedom we used to have. Instead now people have abdicated their authority and responsibility in exchange for nanny state laws and a monthly check from Social Security, or other entitlements. Now your a burden on strangers who have their own problems and are now bowing to the law that says you can’t eat what you want, take what you want, or exchange your service’s for money.

Instead of Happy Independence Day, I’ll say Happy Defiance Day and fight to get us back to the roots of freedom we came from.


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