Behind the Scenes; The Birth Of Howls From The Wolfpack

June 13 last year, the concept of Howls From The Wolfpack was born, though initially called “The Quest” by Thorin. A book infused with the Wolf Mentality was all he asked. It was his way to give back to the long time core, if you will, a way to promote our writings. But to make sure they fit the theme, he asked me to screen essays and bullets and Da Nekidgoat to screen poetry. One caveat, we had to pick at least one person to help, and a submission had to have 100% approval to make it. I asked Ben and Randal, Goat asked R.J.
From there we opened up email accounts for the submissions, and engaged the rest of the folks on the forum in coming up with a name for the book and publishing company I was going to start through CreateSpace. Then we put it to the vote in a poll. R.Js idea made it, the new book title. I wanted to name the company WolfQuest Publishing, but it was taken, along with RoninPress much to my consternation. Luckily Swatcop had a good name thought up, Abyss Press.
We began with a word limit out of fairness but after a certain point, we decided that if you were gonna contribute, you would have by now, plus we could go up to 800+ pages if we wished. So it was lifted and the book that wasn’t even 100 pages more than doubled in size. The submission cut off was the last of April to give me time to put it all together and have it out before summer ended.
Next week, I’ll take you through the CreateSpace process thus far for Howls From The Wolfpack.


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