The Games Politicians Play With People’s Lives

Last week the House of Representatives touted the fact they went against President Obama’s wishes and voted to not authorize military action in Libya, with 123 voting for the war, and my four congressmen; Rick Crawford, Tim Griffin, Steve Womack and Mike Ross along with 291 others voting against it.

“Good job! Way to take a stand! We need more principled politicians!”

Wait a minute, they’re playing games with us. They didn’t mention the other vote that day. HR2278 would have cut off funds to our current military involvement in Libya. That vote…FAILED. 180 voting to stop the funding, 238 voting to continue it.

The first vote was the words, the second was backing them up. So what does this mean? 29% of the House voted for the war, but 56% voted to continue it!

One of the things I despise is a hypocrite, and the House is full of them! In  Arkansas Democrat Mike Ross, and Republicans Rick Crawford and Tim Griffin voted to not authorize the Libyan War but voted to keep paying for it. Republican Steve Womack(in bold because I want you to remember) voted to stop the war and also voted to stop paying for it. Steve is the only one who showed some integrity. And no he isn’t my Representative, that would be Crawford. And I’ll never vote for him again.

So the lesson is: If your Rep touts one vote, make sure it has teeth or is backed up by another bill. The games politicians play is figurehead votes that do nothing to change the status quo, but makes for good P.R.

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