Over Halfway There; Howls From The Wolfpack

Since June 13th last year, a book has formed. A compilation of 19 authors,

Mock up of the Front Cover

68 poems, 55 quotes, and over 30 essays.10 months of writing, some contributing a couple of quotes, to one writing 78 pages worth of material. Every page dedicated to opening the readers’ eyes, showing another way to look at the world. And how it affects society and politics.

Here’s an excerpt from the Introduction…

This book is our opportunity to speak up, and speak our minds, open our souls, take it or leave it. Different backgrounds and ages, all with the Think for yourself mentality that is the Wolf, yet still unique. Leaders of ourselves and followers of none. Unafraid to stand up when everyone else is going along to get along.

And one from the end…

You’ve read essays on how to gain inner-strength and thinking for yourself. How not to quote back our opinions but your own. Quoting back our thoughts doesn’t gain our respect, but forming your own, even if it’s contrary to our various thoughts, will gain a Wolf’s respect.

In a few essays life is compared to war and the views of what’s wrong with society as a whole may strike a chord in you. Maybe you think self-reliance and free thought is impossible, or you see how we may have a point. Think about it, think hard, and then decide.

Howls From The Wolfpack is entering its final stages, uploading it all to CreateSpace. My friends helped fill it, now I have to do their words justice in the end.

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5 thoughts on “Over Halfway There; Howls From The Wolfpack

  1. Wow….Time really flew with this book. I haven’t realized that its been over a year since the beginning of Howls. I can’t wait for the release. This book is going to be phenomenal.


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