Podcasts I Like, Thought I’d Share

I’m constantly in search of information, reading various books, different opinions and downloading and listening to podcasts. Theses are my favorite, based on theme.

Second Amendment & Personal Protection

Armed American Radio comes out of Atlanta, GA and is hosted by Mark Walters. He gives his thoughts on the various gun news, especially Project Gunrunner and features a Bonehead of the Week. If you make a dumb anti-gun comment, you may become a bonehead. Frequent guests are the Mad Ogre, Rob Pincus, former SEAL Larry Yatch, NRA Spokeswoman Rachel Parsons, David Codrea, and more. Its website is here.

Blue Sheepdog Podcast is a podcast by a cop, and for cops. And for those who hate cops, listen to this to see why they do what they do. Your opinion may not change, but you’ll have a cop’s perspective. My favorite one was when a cop meets someone with a concealed carry permit. The link to that podcast is here and the link to the website is here

Practical Defense is a podcast from Alex Haddox a student of Jim Wagner. He gives many proactive tips to keep you safe, and ideas on what you need to be safe. Website is here

ProArms Podcast my new favorite, sorry AAR. This one is a bit of a roundtable that features the walking gun and gun law wikipedia, Massad Ayoob, Gail Pepin, John Strayer, and more. They highlight guns, do interviews with people in the gun industry, competition shooters and those who’ve saved themselves or others from a dirtbag or two. The fact it has Mas Ayoob makes it a winner in my book. Website is here.


The Libertarian Solution is hosted by Nick Coons, Richard Sutton, and Jim Iannuzo. You watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Headline News you’ll see a liberal/statist leaning news that favor a left-leaning side of the argument. Listen to talk radio with Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity and Beck along with FOX News, you’ll see a conservative leaning news that favor the right. Not to bash, I watch both sides because I’m a critical thinker and have to have both sides of the argument, except its not either/or, they’re other sides. The Libertarian Solution has three Libertarians looking at the points made by Democrats and Republicans and present their solutions. Now I can get more information for a better decision. I think I even found a hard-left progressive podcast, but I haven’t heard it yet. Website is here.

Reason.com and OutLoud Opinion is libertarian editorials that are read out loud. Website here.

Other favorites that I habitually download off of iTunes are:

InTouch Daily Radio Program

The Grizzly Bear and Egg Podcast

Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers

The Mancow Experience

Mysterious  Universe

Paranormal Podcast

The Paranormal Report

Red Eye Podcast

TWIMA: This Week In Martial Arts

I like listening to a couple of preachers for their perspectives, a geeky podcast, some humor, martial arts and just like a good ghost or paranormal stories. Thought I’d share, give a small peek into my mind. Are you scared 😉


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