Is Wedding Planning A Good Education For a Couples’ Future?

T-Minus 3 1/2 Months until the wedding day. And all the working overtime, saving, planning, logistics, and watching the money shrink as its spent or earmarked, has brought a thought forward in my mind.

A good test of how a marriage will work out is if the couple pays for all, or most of it, themselves. The money is theirs, and they both have to work together to put it all together. A pre-wedding test.

Casey and I have saved up and are paying for most of the wedding ourselves, with her mom and step-dad contributing money for her dress. That helps a lot. So how is it a good test?

  1. Its the couples money, just like in a marriage. And they should discuss how it will be spent, making a budget.
  2. Team work, you have to plan how the wedding will look, what you need, and what you want and compromise. Same as the day-to-day of the household, the necessities, the luxuries, what they can afford, and what they can’t. Working together with the give and take to make it as seamless as possible.

One of the biggest problems in marriage is money when people say why they want a divorce.  Not enough of it, or “this is my money and that’s your money and you can’t tell me how to spend my money”. Or its the different ways the two bring to money management. One may be a frugal, counting every penny, planning ahead (I fall in this category), or a spend-thrift who overdraws bank accounts and accrues lots of credit card debt (like the government).

The wedding planning when you have a financial stake involved is a good litmus test and educational opportunity for a couple approaching the rest of their lives together. Just my .02¢, what’s your .02¢?


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