“Legal” Stealing

Last week  I learned of a not so little, and very disturbing legal procedure called Civil Asset Forfeiture. It’s where the police seize your property if they think it was used in a crime, without charging you, and then auction it off, or if money, use it. All those police auctions? Civil Asset Forfeiture. It came about in the days of Ronald Reagan, to fight the “War on Drugs.”

Here’s what it looks like in action. You’re driving on the interstate with a large sum of money, and you get stopped. The police will confiscate your money due to the fact that you’d 0nly “have that much for buying or from selling drugs.” Without any proof , guilty until proven innocent. Say what? Not in America!? The deeper I dig the more I see how we are not the Land of the Free. We’re becoming the land of the sheep.

Here are links to articles of this corrupt law in action.

The Smelley Case

Tenaha, Texas

The Looting of America

We used to be a great country, now not so much unless we get involved, get politically active and make the change from inside.


2 thoughts on ““Legal” Stealing

  1. In the mid 80’s my dad was a metal building erector (primarily for self storage) and dealt in cash all the time. He’d be in California or Florida or anywhere in between and my mom would fed ex him 10’s of thousands of dollars in cash (he didn’t want to pay wire transfer fees).

    Anyway, he had a lot of people working for him and used to pay those guys in cash, so he had lots of cash on him all the time. He got stopped for nothing more than having out of state plates on his truck and the cops illegally searched him and confiscated all the cash he had on him plus all of his medication (he had about 15 different types of prescribed medication in his truck).

    they only took about 12k but he had to go through their legal process of about 45 days to get it all back, but when you minus the legal fees, of course he didn’t get it all back

    It’s wrong!

    Oh one more thing about this forfeiture, if I tip the cops off that Ronin is running a drug house and they come by and seize ANYTHING, I get up to 25%, although information is usually coming from criminals so they are offered lighter sentences instead.

    “Civil asset forfeiture laws allow the government to seize property without charging anyone with a crime, and then keep it without ever having to prove a case. Seized property is presumed guilty and may be forfeited based upon mere hearsay, or even a tip supplied by an informant who stands to gain up to 25% of the forfeited assets.”


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