The Right to Die?

Paralyzed  Man Wants to End his Life (FOX)

What would you do in this situation?

I have no answer for myself, but I would make sure that my wife was taking care of, and gotten her input on the suicide. That would factor in my decision.

Should he be able to kill himself?
The answers may be as subjective as an abortion post I put up awhile back on the forum. I never got to meet my Grandpa because he killed himself right after my parents were married. He didn’t want to be in a wheelchair. I don’t know what was in his mind so I can’t judge, but I regret his choice. I would have liked to have met him.

This case makes me think of Stephen Hawking, completely paralyzed but a genius. Didn’t let it stop him. I doubt I could do it, but then, I am not in the same position either. But I would feel like I am abandoning my family. It’s a very difficult decision, the same as pulling the plug on life support.

What about his wishes, does it matter? Yes. His life, his body, and your body is your property to do with what you wish. The family’s wishes? That should be discussed before he decides I believe, since it will affect them also.

Your thoughts on this touchy subject?


3 thoughts on “The Right to Die?

  1. I think anyone contemplating suicide should seek counseling. It may be their life to do with as they please, but they should be fully aware of the devastation they leave behind. From personal experience I can attest to the psychological and emotional damage inflicted on those that are left to pick up the pieces after the fact. The years of pain and guilt they will leave their family and friends with is incomparable to a natural loss. I can see the validity of this option for those suffering from a painful terminal illness with little to no quality of life, but that is not the only reason people contemplate ending their lives.

    Knowing what I do about this subject did not deter me from considering it myself during a period of depression. I wasn’t needed and I didn’t see any future for myself that would be of benefit to anyone else. It wasn’t until a short time later that I learned I was needed; much more than I could have possibly thought. My consideration of this option was a weakness, and no matter how weak or helpless you feel, things change. A persons life may be their own, but it matters to someone.


    • This is true, not a decision to take lately. I think people should think about all angles when doing it. I doubt I could do it. I’m a fighter, and suicide is giving up. Actions have consequences and its best to consider the “What if…?” in these circumstances.


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