Ronald McDonald’s Making My Kids Fat!!!

Alright, some parents and a few government officials are pushing McDonalds to get rid of the clown, because he markets fattening foods to kids. See here. REALLY!

To the Government, keep your nose out of it you self-righteous bastards. It’s none of your business. You worry about yours, I’ll worry about mine.

To the parents, you don’t like McDonald’s? Then don’t eat their you ignorant sheep! I can respect that. That’s voting with your feet. But to pass the buck on your overweight kid onto Ronald! I ask this.
Who buys their happy meal? You?
Then you are the problem, not the mascot. Step up you whiny little parasite! Almost nothing irritates me more than people not taking responsibility for their actions.

Ronald McDonald isn’t making your kid fat, it’s your bad parenting that is. Put that on your happy meal and eat it.


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