Unleash the Wolf

A children’s story I wrote about being yourself in the face of opposition.
One day there was a herd of sheep following a shepherd down a dirt path to a waterhole and field of brown grass, and they did this every day. This went on for years, same routine, and one day a lone sheep looked up from his meal and noticed another waterhole with greener grass in the distance. He asked his friends, “Why don’t we go over there to eat?”

“Because its baaad,” they replied.

“How do you know?”

“The shepherd said it was baaad.”

But the curious sheep stepped off the path to investigate the other field, and as he walked his wool was darkening from white to black. He tasted the grass and found it very sweet and cool water in the water hole.
He walked back to tell his friends but they turned away when he got back. He looked at the shepherd, who said he was  wrong and must never go back to the water hole. The now-black sheep said no, he liked the grass over there, so he was cast out. Ostracized by those he called “friends”, for doing his own thing.
With nowhere else to go he walked back to the distant field, and as he walked his wool fell out, and he was transforming into a wolf pup. He sat at the waterhole and stared at the flock, the ones he called friends.
He questioned, Why was I ostracized?
And why did he think the way he did?
After hitting all the angles, he stood up with but a single thought, “To hell with them, if they don’t like me for who I am, then I don’t need them.”
So the curious pup wanted to know what was on the other side of a distant hill, and then the one after that. As he walked and explored he grew into a juvenile wolf, until one day he stopped to rest, having traveled far in his quest of knowledge and expanding his mind. And there he sat, studying a distant flock of sheep, as a full-grown wolf.

Moral of the Story

Don’t try to fit in just so you’ll be liked. Their is nothing wrong with questioning and being yourself.

©Vance Gatlin 2010


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