What Is Truth?

Some philosophizing I saved from a debate on StalkingTheFlock.com. Wrap your head around this. Thorin asked the questions and these are my answers. Answer the questions for yourself.

What is truth?

Is it simply known and proven fact?

Or is there a moral side to truths too?

Truth is anything and nothing. A color blind person doesn’t see the blue sky. So to him, the blue sky could be a lie. Personal truth is real. Facts? Those could be accepted opinions today and be disproven tomorrow. Morality is subjective. It hinges on geographical, societal, parental, and your influences.

What is Fact?

Is it the same as truth?

Must fact be proven?

Or can it be known by the inquiring mind using rational thought

See above

What is actual knowledge?

Is there such a thing as ‘natural knowledge’ (something not learned, but know from birth)?

Is knowledge truth, fact, both, or neither?

Natural knowledge is autonomic systems in your brain telling you to Breathe without having to think about it. Knowledge is all data that you take in. Truth, fact and lies, it’s up to you to sift through it.

What exactly is Intuition?

Is intuition knowledge?

Is intuition learned, found, or simply known?

Is intuition the same as instinct?

I agree with Thorin on intuition, all your experiences cataloged waiting in your mind until a similiar experience brings that memory to service. Instinct is the lizard brain at work, the amygdala which triggers the “flight or fight” response. Also the little voice that tells you to look down, to find your foot by a snake, different from intuition.

This was just a taste of what’s in Howls From the Wolfpack and in the forum.


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