Mission Accomplished????

The reasoning behind not writing about Osama yet is this, breaking news is 99% supposition, 1% something happened. Back in 2001, after the towers fell, we were told the mission was to get whoever did it. Since most of them conveniently died on the planes, that left the boss. So we went into Afghanistan to find him, except when the US is after you, its best to make yourself scarce. Into Pakistan.

Now I’m told we killed Osama. Except we have no pictures or other evidence besides the word of a politician, and we all can trust a politician, they never lie. Did we get him? I believe so. But I’m not satisfied with what I’m seeing, so I have questions.

Q: Osama was unarmed, why did they shoot him in the head?
A?: Suicide vest.
Q:In a surprise raid while he’s in his pajamas?

Q: Isn’t he more valuable alive as a source of information? He didn’t survive this long by being stupid, I doubt he has a lot of data lying around.

Q: Why the burial at sea?
A?: Islamic tradition, no shrine for him.

Q: Why do we care about Islamic tradition for an enemy? You don’t respect the dead unless they earned it.
A?: We don’t want to incite more violence by the disrespect.
That doesn’t fly with me, we just turned him into a martyr for the cause. And they’re already killing us, so I don’t think another reason to will matter.

Q: Why won’t the White House release the pictures?
A?: No trophies, respect.
Q: Yeah, or do you have no pictures?
A?: Congress saw them.
Q: You believe a bunch of people who’s main job is to convince a majority that they have your best interests at heart?

This isn’t adding up to me, you have to question everything, even the answers. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, there’s a difference between conspiracy theories and questioning. Do you believe all that you’re told?

This is my thoughts.
Did we get him? Yes.

Did we kill him? No. I think we captured him and faked his death.

Why do that? If the world thinks he dead, they won’t try to save him, thus leaving him at the mercy of his interrogators. It makes no strategic sense to me to kill a valuable intelligence asset. I wouldn’t have killed him because of what I can get out of his head. And being “dead” he can be tortured because “dead” men can’t talk.

Mission Accomplished? Yes. Now can we leave? Because someone is always wanting to kill us.


3 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished????

  1. Good post on a good subject. I had the same thoughts as you described in your last paragraph. Even if they did decide to release pictures now, how do I know that they didnt hire some brilliant makeup artist to take another body and transform it to look like bin laden and dead. That may sound “out there”, but things like that truly would not surprise me.


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