Tornadoes, Floods, and Earthquakes! Oh My!

It seems that everytime their is a earthquake, tornado, or hurricane, you see the best and worst in people. It gets to be dog-eat-dog in a hurry. Infrastructure either collapses or is under such a strain as to be painfully slow, or ineffective. People have to rely on themselves right after the disaster.

Emotions run high and reasoning and logic are rare. And natural disasters happen, in Arkansas our worries are tornadoes, floods, ice storms, and since we are on the New Madrid Fault, earthquakes.

How do you prepare for these events?

Wait on help? Government bureaucracy takes time to kick in gear. Your neighbors? They have their own problems if they were hit by the disaster, good neighbors will come check on you, but their primary concern is their family, as it should be. First Responders take time, they have to negotiate a way through the damage. Immediately after, all you have is yourself and loved ones. All responsible adults and parents should plan for disasters such as these.

Start with water, keep gallons stored. A gallon per person a day. 7 gallons for a week’s supply for 1 person. Food is next, keep non-perishable, easy to prepare food on hand. Keep a comprehensive first-aid kit on hand and the know-how to use it. Keep a axe handy, it can’t run out of gas & supply wood for fire. A .22 rifle for small game, bullets are small and cheap. It can be used for protection from starving animals. The rundown is that you need a supply of water, food, heat, medical supplies, a gun or two.

Recap: You should have a ample supply of water, food, fire, medical supplies, a small and medium caliber firearms, a sharp axe, and a good knife. When the crap hits the fan, do you want to be the one panicking or the one with the plan. Its really that simple.


2 thoughts on “Tornadoes, Floods, and Earthquakes! Oh My!

  1. Good advice.
    I really don’t think there can be any thing adverse (aside from local vultures) from being prepared. However, what about the folks on the low side of the levee that were blown by ACE? 130k acres are being flooded on purpose. Now they need to have all these supplies portable, or i suppose a person could rely on FEMA for their supplies. Speaking of FEMA, how long did it take them to get up that way? What about the flooding in MO, is FEMA even up there providing aid?


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