Thoughts on Government and Society

I realized Twitter is a veritable ammo can of my rants/bullets.I like to call them Growls.  So here they are for your enjoyment or anger, complete with hashtags. A few did piss off people on Twitter which made it oh so much sweeter. If you have it, you can find me at

  •  When I get to church I’m going to pray that stupidity becomes unbearingly painful #tiredofthiscrap
  •  We don’t have debt ceilings, we have debt suggestions #idiots
  •  Keep talking sheep, you’re just making our book thicker with every inane conversation #idiots #ideologues #sheeple #wolfmentality
  •  You know you win a debate when your opponent changes the subject faster than a cheating husband jerks on his pants when caught.
  •  Public Service Announcement: Don’t debate anyone with the Think For Yourself mentality if your best is character assassination, & chest thumping. We probably know your counter-points better than you do, due to our open minds and critical thinking #wolfmentality
  •  Democrats don’t trust business, Republicans don’t trust government. I’m suspicious of all of them until I peer into their souls, or lack of
  •  Society owes you NOTHING, it was here first. The only thing we owe society is not to bleed it like a leech, other than that, I owe society nothing, I didn’t sign a contract #leavemealone #Igotthis #donttreadonme
  •  You get what you earn, and what you earn depends on skill and initiative. Today, society has more skill than initiative. Does this fit you?
  •  People have a “I deserve this,” or “you owe me that” attitude. Guess what, unless you work for me, I owe you NOTHING, and you deserve NOTHING from me
  •  If you get back more than you pay in taxes, NEWS FLASH you don’t pay taxes #freeloader #notfair
  • A proposition for the #taxtherich crowd. Give all your money BUT 15,080$ to the IRS & stand on your principles & I’ll listen to your side.
  •  Your welcome. My taxes just paid for your kids school. #taxes #notfair #wheresthejustice #idonthaveanykidswhyamIpaying

That one above is the one that ticked off some people.

  • What would you do if a stranger run their hands all over your kid? What is the TSA? Strangers.
  • Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, TEACH him to fish, feed him for the rest of his life. A lesson America needs to remember #freedom Which is better for someone in that quote. Dependence on another for their life, or self-reliance and independence? Its really that simple
  • Gay people, what’s gay people? its always been people, or him, or her to me. Friend, acquaintance, brother, sister, equal
  •  The only tax I don’t mind paying is the fire Dept. I have a need for that. When I have kids, then charge me for the school taxes #fair
  • I hate the fact I pay taxes on a school that I have no kids in
  • Off to assess my property so the government can charge me for the “privilege/rent” of something they haven’t  put a penny in #mafia #taxes #sucks
  •  Bash Bush’s War and overlook Obama’s, it’s not humanitarian. If he believed that he’d be in the Congo or Darfur #whoprofits?
  •  Let’s put Darwinism back into action. Cut off welfare, except Social Security and Medicare, government grants and subsidies to businesses, & let people grow strong on their own & businesses work with help or chains. There’s a reason a momma bird kicks the baby out of the nest
  •  It’s WE THE PEOPLE, not kneel before the Federal Government begging for your monthly stipend. #hardcoretruth
  •  #hardcoretruth If a gov slowdown(not a shutdown) creates the aftershocks the masters of fear(politicians and their talking heads) say it will, doesn’t that tell you the government is to big, and we who live under it are weak.
  •  Let’s cut the spin, the budget battle is because the #democrats failed to pass the budget when they were the majority #passthebuck #truth
  • Gas is higher, milk is higher. Dollar weaker because of the Fed, Am I really supposed to believe their is no inflation #imnotaidiot

This is the Quotable Ronin. My thoughts in bite-sized, but hard to digest, mental snacks.


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