A Glimmer of Sanity: Balanced Budget Amendment

There’s been a push to amend the Constitution, a amendment to force the government to live within its means. Sanity! Right now, they’re pushing to raise the debt ceiling, and some won’t do it unless the Balanced Budget Amendment(BBA) is passed and sent to the States for ratification. That’s compromise I can agree with.

What is the BBA? You can find the site that is pushing hard here. And sign the petition they will send it the Congress and President, go here.

The ideas are:

  • Spend no more than is taken in
  • Cap spending at a certain percentage of GDP
  • Force the President to submit a Balanced Budget every year
  • No tax increases without 2/3 majority
  • Provisions may be waived, with a formal declaration of war. Or a 2/3 majority, both houses.

Pretty good. Redundancies are built in. Spending is limited by GDP and and revenue. Revenue is limited by supermajorities, though I am cynical enough to not believe they won’t do it. But they can’t spend it, they’re limited by GDP.

How this handles the debt, I’m not sure, but it has to be paid off. It can be arranged. You see  a politician who isn’t for limiting himself to a Balanced Budget by Amendment, you see a person who needs to be fired. Why a Amendment? Because politicians lie. Can’t trust one who only says we’ll balance it, I promise. Sign the petition, get involved, or quit complaining.


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