Part Two of What Do You Want in a President

And we’re back for Part Two. Let’s go on.

Defend the borders and our territories from invaders. Close our bases across the world, do we allow Germany to have a base here? The combining/liquidation of federal law enforcement agencies. BATFE, NSA, DHS, FBI, TSA, Border Patrol, etc. Expand the US Marshal Service and CIA gets limited to intelligence gathering, no interference or “advisors”. Keep the Secret Service.

Reasonable regulations and what I mean by that is make sure Companies’ have redundancy programs, and filters on the exhaust or release pipes. Not a carbon-tax, that’s just political greed more than any real concern. I like the National Park and Wilderness systems. Keep them up, but don’t expand the acreage. Use the Endangered Species Act scientifically, not politically. Don’t place or remove a species due to popular/political pressures. Do it by census.

Make it equal footing on a federal level, what the states do is their problem. No tax loopholes, subsidies or regulations that favor one company over another. No monopolies, public(The Post Office) or private, or crony capitalism. Bring back the free market. We don’t have that anymore and I’ll prove it with one word. BAILOUTS. Free market would’ve let them die. And if a company is defrauding people, instead of fines at a set dollar amount, change it to varying percentages of the Gross income and jail.

Social Security? Voluntary for anyone born before 1993 with complete refund of what you paid in. Born after? Save up, it’s your responsibility. Medicare, same deal, but with vouchers, shop around and make doctors compete. Tie in Unemployment, food stamps and MedicAid all together. Temporary and you better pass a drug test. Obamacare? Gone. You can buy insurance from across state lines, individually, like car insurance. Make them work for your dollars.

Public School System. You don’t pay taxes on it, if you don’t have kids in it. Public/Private/Charter/Home school. If you don’t like the school your kid’s in you can move them to a bordering district without changing your address. Because face it, all schools are not equal.


Gay Rights, everyone is equal. What straight people can do, so can homosexuals. It’s really that simple when you look  at it fairly. Immigration, seal the border, and make coming through the front door easier and cheaper. Cut the red tape.
This is what I want to see in a President. What about you? Do you have the standard to measure the candidates by?


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