What Are You Looking For In A President? Part One.

Hurray! Campaign Season is cranking up…again. Obama is out raising money, Republicans are throwing their hats in the ring. So. Instead of asking WHO you like, I’m going to make it harder and ASK you WHAT are you looking for in a President? I’m going to make you think, make a standard you measure canidates by. On these issues…domestic policy, foreign policy, taxes and spending, National Security. Environment, business, Entitlements/Welfare and whatever you can think to add. This is what I look for.

Ultimate liberty. Anything that erodes the Bill of Rights is off limits. Pure Free Speech, Free Press(which if a newspaper fails,  it fails), Protests without permits, the only gun-control law is felons don’t get them from licensed dealers(they get them any way). Patriot Act dies, due to the 4th Amendment. The Fifth Amendment will be enforced, and because of the actions of the government, Gitmo detainees will be set free.If they fit the criteria, some have been found innocent, yet they are still there, because they’re to “Dangerous.” Maybe they are, but its the law.  States Rights, no mandates, unfunded or otherwise, from the Federal Government. If you read my Breakdown of the Bill of Rights, here,  you see where I’m coming from.

To this I quote Thomas Jefferson.

“Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.”

If another country hates us, we have nothing to do with it anymore. Noninterference, if your neighbors are fighting with another neighbor, do you get in the middle? Or, another example, do you go to your neighbor’s and tell them they’re doing everything wrong and you’ll show them a better way? Would you like it if a neighbor did that to you? America will quit being the nosy neighbor or world’s cop. Fair trade, and no duplicitous alliances and lies for gain.

Fair tax, no loopholes, favors, subsidies and grants for anyone. Everyone pays, same amount, no matter if they’re upper-middle-lower class. Hate that division, you are not defined by how much you make. That’s shallow. No earmarks, we have enough monuments to the politicians in the form of airports, libraries, etc. Interstate repairs is the Feds problem, all else, state. Balanced Budget Amendment, rein in the government even during wartime, because we always seem to be at war. The government only spends on the essentials, no programs that duplicate. They’re so many, I don’t know all of them to say which I want to see go.

This is Part 1. I’ll finish it tomorrow. I didn’t want to overwhelm. So what do YOU want in a President in these areas?


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