Campus Assaults at Arkansas Tech

The Attacks

Since December, three assaults have taken place on Arkansas Tech‘s campus. All three times women were attacked. The latest attack, the young woman fought off her attacker one night last week. She got lucky, no martial training or weapons, just a fighting spirit which helped her through. Who knows what would have happened if she hadn’t go away. In a earlier incident, the girl wasn’t so lucky.
Walking down a stairwell, this woman was grabbed, slammed into a wall to disorient her with pain, and dragged under the stairs. The creep then threatened to kill her, molested her, and pushed her face against the wall. Still no clue who they’re looking for.
In December a student was followed one night, and the asshole closed distance and clobbered her, knocking her down. Fighting back unsuccessfully, she was dragged into a building, where she was slapped around while the pervert jerked-off.

What To Do?

Campus bureaucrats advise staying in well-lit areas, and strength in numbers. Also a security escort can be arranged. Good advice but allow me to add some more. Be aware of your surroundings, humans are the only creature I can think of who habitually hasn’t a clue what’s going on around them. In the natural world, all the defenseless animals are dead. Don’t be defenseless.

Carry a flashlight at least 80 lumens so if approached you can put the light in their eyes, identifying them and robbing them of one of their senses. If it’s a threat you can get away. Also carry pepper spray, easily deployable, not in your purse. It’ll be over before you can reach into the bag, instead when walking alone have the light in one hand and the spray in the other, ready. It’s not paranoid, it’s prepared. Also, a knife, if that’s an option on a college campus, I don’t know. I would hope so, because life has a way of screwing up all your self-defense tactics, that’s why you need so many.
The great equalizer isn’t allowed, the handgun, with proper training. Nope, I’ve hit this topic before, but the Arkansas legislature has once again voted in favor for the scum who break laws and against their targets. Instead of allowing them to be on equal footing with the criminal element, the ARLeg forced them to be defenseless sheep awaiting slaughter. Yeah, politicians have your best interests at heart. What a sick joke that is. If the woman in December had a gun, she could’ve did the world a favor and ended the pervert’s life and possibly stopping the other attacks. No indication they’re connected but it’s a possibility. Thank you Arkansas Legislature for “protecting the college kids on campus”.

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