Who Is the Master and Who is the slave?

If a government slowdown(it’s not a shutdown) creates the aftershocks the masters of fear(politicians and their media talking heads) say it will, doesn’t that tell you the government is to big, and we who live under it are weak. It’s WE THE PEOPLE, not kneel before the Federal Government begging for your monthly stipend.

That’s what the problem is now with the country. We have a government so large, regulations that permeate everything right down to the air we breathe. And if this beast slows down and the country slows to like a train on the tracks, then you see who is the shepherd, and who is the sheep, and we’re not the shepherd. Especially those who depend on the government for their survival. Whoever you depend on for your day-to-day survival is your master, is it you, or another. How you answer that determines where you are in the pecking order.

So? Where are you?

4 thoughts on “Who Is the Master and Who is the slave?

  1. Good post Vance. I like the fact that it leaves the reader with a question to answer at the end. And also that it is short and simple(given I have a hard time reading long and lenghty essays/article)


    • Stay tuned, a lot of short, to the point, posts this week. Tomorrow’s about a rash of assaults on campus and how to protect yourself. Wednesday deals with the War powers and Thursday is a death of the gay adoption ban.


      • Speaking of how to protect yourself (I should save this for tomorrow but oh well). My girlfriend got her damn mace taken away at school today because one of her friends sprayed it in class as a joke and now they refuse to give it back to her saying that in school is a very safe enviroment and she doesnt need it which just completely pisses me off. On the lighter side of things her dad is trying to get it back for her, which is good because it gave her a small piece of mind as well as me for when I cant be there with her(although I still do want her to have better defenses in the future).


        • Mace probably is prohibited(non-lethal or not). Seems reasonable, but her friend acted foolishly. Learn improvised weapons techniques, like keys, belts, etc.


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