Senator Graham and Free Speech

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A transcript of Lindsey Graham being interviewed  by National Review Online here. Very confusing to me, its very hard to nail down a career politician on anything.

Now on free speech Lindsey said:

General Petraeus sent a statement out to all news organizations yesterday, urging our government to [condemn] Koran burning. Free speech probably allows that, but I don’t like that. I don’t like burning the flag under the idea of free speech. That bothers me; I have been one of the chief sponsors of legislation against burning the flag. I don’t like the idea that these people picket funerals of slain servicemen. If I had my way, that wouldn’t be free speech. So there are a lot of things under the guise of free speech that I think are harmful and hateful.

Now while disagreeing with something is one thing, that is free speech in action, but what I highlighted in bold is confusing. If Graham had HIS way their would be NO free speech, by limiting it, you take away the “free” part. Now its “Condoned” speech approved by the government censors.

Now his examples above, I agree that those who do this are hateful idiots. But you have a Right to spout nonsense, nobody has to listen, and you better be able to back up your words. Now a LOT of people are freaking out and spinning this as Graham is going to  kill the First Amendment.

And if I could do something about behavior that puts our troops at risk, I would. But in this case, you probably can’t. It’s not about the Koran; it’s about putting our troops at risk.

“Probably can’t.” Worrisome, he already has tried to prohibit flag-burning. I believe you can burn a flag but if someone kicks your ass, well…you should of thought that through. When you do things to tick people off, don’t be surprised when it happens. That is a natural limit on free speech. You insult this guy’s girlfriend and then you lose teeth. You either have respect or learn it while picking up your teeth.

Here’s the thing, we don’t have free speech anymore. I covered that a few times. You can read it here. If one act causes a group to riot, that’s a sign of herd mentality, and the one who started it is treading dangerous waters, and I don’t feel sorry for that Pastor and any repercussions he faces. He made his bed, now sleep in it.


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